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About the Product

Perfec'Shot is a revolutionary shooting aid designed to help players develop consistent and accurate shooting form. It comprises finger, thumb, forearm, and upper arm components interconnected through a pivoting system that restricts undesired movements like thumb flexion, opposition, forearm pronation, and wrist deviations. This biomechanical engineering ensures that the off-hand remains in its intended supportive role, keeping the ball in the shooting hand without negatively impacting the shooting alignment.

By restricting off-hand movement and positioning the off-hand correctly, Perfec'Shot discourages two-handed shooting and thumbing the ball, addressing common form issues. It encourages proper alignment on the shooting side, laying the foundation for accurate, consistent shooting form and muscle memory development.

Perfec'Shot should be used during every shooting practice session, as it reinforces proper shooting mechanics with each repetition. Consistent use is key to developing muscle memory and ingrained shooting habits.

For optimal results, we recommend using Perfec'Shot daily during shooting practice sessions. Consistent, regular use will help players quickly develop and reinforce proper shooting form.

Manufacturing and Materials

At Perfec'Shot, we employ a meticulous manufacturing process that combines cutting-edge 3D printing technology with precision assembly techniques to ensure the highest quality standards.

While all plastic components, such as the finger, thumb, forearm, pivot, and upper arm pieces, are 3D printed layer by layer for unparalleled accuracy, the manufacturing process extends far beyond additive manufacturing.

Our adjustable straps are securely attached to their respective components using an ultrasonic welding process, creating a superior bond that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing. This state-of-the-art ultrasonic welder is proudly built in the USA.

The solid fiberglass rods, precisely cut to specific lengths based on individual measurements, are secured to their corresponding components using a high-strength, epoxy-based resin adhesive produced right here in the USA. These rods serve as the critical links, coupling all the 3D-printed components together in their prescribed positions for optimal shooting form.

To ensure proper alignment during the assembly process, we utilize 3D-printed jigs that facilitate accurate component positioning as the adhesive cures, guaranteeing a seamless fit.

The pivot component, which enables smooth and reliable elbow extension, is securely fastened to the upper arm component using a high-strength, corrosion-resistant shoulder screw, designed for durability and performance.

Throughout our manufacturing process, numerous quality assurance checks are meticulously performed, ensuring that every Perfec'Shot shooting aid meets our rigorous standards before leaving our facility.

By combining innovative 3D printing technology with precision assembly techniques and the finest American-made materials, we are able to deliver shooting aids that are not only engineered for shooting excellence but also built to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions.

We source the majority of our materials from within the USA, including high-quality 3D printing filaments and fiberglass rods. Our commitment to using American-made materials ensures durability and performance.

Ultrasonic welding is a process that uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to create localized heat and fuse materials together. We use this technology to attach the adjustable straps to our 3D-printed components, creating a superior bond that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing.

All Perfec'Shot shooting aids are proudly manufactured in our facility located in Durham, North Carolina, USA. We take great pride in our commitment to domestic production and quality assurance.

Product Options and Customization

We offer three main models: the A-21 (fully adjustable), the AC-10 (fully adjustable with personalized alphanumeric identifiers), and the CX-30 (custom-built for individual measurements with color and personalization options).

Absolutely! The AC-10 and CX-30 models offer various customization options, including personalized alphanumeric identifiers and the ability to choose from a range of colors for the 3D-printed components.

Ordering a custom-built Perfec'Shot shooting aid is a simple and seamless process that can be completed entirely on our website.

When you select the CX-30 model from our Product Collection, you'll be taken to a dedicated customization area where you can personalize your shooting aid to your exact specifications.

First, you'll provide details about the player, such as their shooting hand (right or left), age, sex, and height. Using this information, we can precisely calculate the ideal length of the solid fiberglass rods, ensuring a tailored fit that optimizes shooting form and muscle memory development.

Next, the fun part – you'll have the opportunity to select the colors for each of the five 3D-printed components that make up your shooting aid. With a range of vibrant hues to choose from, you can create a truly unique design that reflects your personal style and preferences.

Finally, you can add a personal touch by selecting a combination of three alphanumeric characters to be prominently displayed on the upper arm component. Whether it's your jersey number, initials, or a meaningful phrase, this customization option allows you to create a shooting aid that is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

The best part? As you make your selections, you'll see a real-time mock-up of your custom-built shooting aid, ensuring that you're completely satisfied with your design before placing your order.

With our user-friendly customization process and cutting-edge 3D printing technology, ordering a custom-built Perfec'Shot shooting aid has never been easier or more personalized.

Absolutely! At Perfec'Shot, we understand the unique needs of coaches and teams, and we're committed to providing customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.

For our A-21 and AC-10 models, which are typically available in our orange color, we offer the option to have the 3D-printed components produced in your team's colors. Whether you're looking to match your school's or organization's official hues or prefer a specific color scheme, we can work with you to create a truly personalized look for your team's shooting aids.

Additionally, we welcome bulk orders from coaches and teams, enabling you to outfit your entire roster with Perfec'Shot shooting aids at a competitive price point. We understand the importance of consistency in training tools and are dedicated to ensuring that every player on your team has access to our innovative shooting aids.

To discuss custom color options, bulk orders, or any other specific requirements you may have, we encourage you to reach out to us through our "Connect with Perfec'Shot" page. Our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a tailored solution that meets your team's needs.

Please note that for custom color and bulk orders, minimum order quantities (MOQs) may apply, depending on the specifics of your request. Our team will provide you with all the necessary details and work closely with you to ensure a seamless and efficient ordering process.

At Perfec'Shot, we believe in fostering strong relationships with coaches and teams, as we share a common goal: to help players achieve shooting excellence. Connect with us today, and let's explore how we can elevate your team's training program with our innovative shooting aids, tailored to your unique requirements.

Warranty and Support

We offer a 45-day warranty on all Perfec'Shot shooting aids, covering any defects in materials or workmanship. Our commitment to quality ensures that your shooting aid will perform as expected.

If you need to file a warranty claim or request support, please contact our customer service team via email. Our knowledgeable representatives will assist you promptly and ensure your issue is resolved.

At Perfec'Shot, we are committed to delivering shooting aids of the highest quality and durability. Due to the nature of our manufacturing process, which involves the use of high-strength resin adhesives, we do not offer individual replacement parts for our shooting aids.

However, we understand that accidents can happen, which is why we stand behind our products with a comprehensive warranty. If your Perfec'Shot shooting aid becomes damaged or defective within the warranty period, we will gladly replace the entire unit with a new one, free of charge.

In rare instances where the issue is isolated to the upper arm component, which is secured with a shoulder screw and nut, we may be able to replace that specific component. Please contact our customer service team for more information and assistance.

Rest assured, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. If you experience any issues with your Perfec'Shot shooting aid, our knowledgeable support team will work diligently to resolve the matter promptly and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ordering and Shipping

You can place an order for a Perfec'Shot shooting aid through our online store or by contacting our sales team directly. They'll be happy to assist you with your specific requirements and guide you through the ordering process.

Yes, we offer international shipping for Perfec'Shot shooting aids. Please note that additional shipping costs and customs fees may apply depending on your location.

For domestic orders within the USA, we typically ship within 1-3 business days. International orders may take longer depending on the destination. Our customer service team can provide more specific shipping estimates based on your location.