Additive Manufacturing: Precision At Every Level

At the core of our manufacturing process lies the groundbreaking technology of 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. By precisely building each component layer by layer, we ensure unparalleled accuracy and quality control, resulting in shooting aids that meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

3D printed jigs for assembling several Perfec'Shot units, models A-21 and AC-10

Reduced Material Waste, Increased Sustainability

Traditional manufacturing methods often result in significant material waste and excess byproducts. However, our additive manufacturing approach minimizes waste, as we only use the exact amount of material required to create each component. This not only enhances efficiency but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Responsive Design

One of the most powerful advantages of 3D printing is the ability to rapidly implement design improvements and updates. Through our "Instant Iteration Implementation" process, we can quickly incorporate feedback, refine designs, and seamlessly integrate enhancements into our manufacturing workflow. This level of responsiveness ensures that our shooting aids continually evolve, adapting to the changing needs of players and coaches.

Young female putting on her basketball shooting aid, a model CX-30

Biomechanically Engineered


Our shooting aids are meticulously designed to align with the biomechanics of proper shooting form. The finger and thumb components are strategically positioned on the back of the hand, allowing players to freely catch the basketball and smoothly transition into their shooting motion. This unique design enables our shooting aids to be used in game-realistic shooting drills, providing a natural interaction between the player's hand and the ball.

Young male training outdoors with basketball shooting aid, model CX-30

Precision Control


The key components – finger, thumb, forearm, and upper arm – are interconnected through a pivoting system that restricts undesired movements like thumb flexion, opposition, forearm pronation, and wrist deviations. Yet, it still allows limited elbow extension required for proper shooting mechanics. This ensures that the off-hand remains in its intended supportive role, keeping the ball in the shooting hand without impacting the alignment established by the shooting shoulder, elbow, and hand.

Young female player training outside with Perfec'Shot, model CX-30

Fostering Shooting Fundamentals


Proper shooting form dictates that a player shoots with one hand, while the off-hand serves only to keep the basketball in the shooting hand – a role often misunderstood as "guiding" the shot. Our shooting aids prevent the off-hand from adversely affecting the shot alignment by restricting its movement and positioning it correctly.

Young male player shooting outside with Perfec'Shot, model CX-30

Master Proper Form


By discouraging two-handed shooting and thumbing the ball with the off-hand, our shooting aids address common form issues that stem from shooting with oversized balls or on rims that are too high at a young age. Instead, Perfec'Shot encourages proper alignment on the shooting side, laying the foundation for accurate, consistent shooting form and muscle memory development.