Becoming a great shooter is up to you. We just give you a better way to do it.


Introducing The Key To Perfect Practice

Young boy working on his free throw, perfecting his shot.

Real shot development comes from the time and effort you’re willing to put in outside of team practices, camps, and pickup games.

There are no shortcuts to great shooting. That’s why we haven’t taken any.

Perfec’Shot’s patented design makes sure you’re locked in so all those reps you put in are the right reps.

Perfec’Shot Basketball Shooting Aid

Perfec’Shot lets you take control of your own shot development the right way. 

  • 3D-printed components and fiberglass rods control guide-hand placement and movement.
  • Contoured components are secured using velcro straps for a comfortable feel.
  • Pick your colors and add your jersey number or initials to make it truly yours.
  • Custom-built for players of all ages.
  • Effective in any shooting drill.
Perfec'Shot, the most effective shooting aid on the market.
Perfec'Shot making sure guide hand stays in the right position through entire shooting motion.

How Does Perfec'Shot Work?

Proper shooting form requires high-quality repetition to build muscle memory. A major part of proper shooting form that often goes overlooked is the guide hand. The guide hand plays an important, but static role in the shot.

Perfec’Shot makes sure your guide hand stays in the correct position through the entire shooting motion.

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