Players, are you making more than you miss from mid-range?

Parents, are your kids hitting at least 80% from the line consistently?

Coaches, are your teams focused on form-shooting, even when you’re not there?

There are plenty of people already out there improving their jumpers with

Don’t let them take your spot on the squad!

We believe that, for a shooting tool to produce real results, three things need to happen:

  • It absolutely must be high in quality. Devices that are hard to put on, loosen or break over time, or are straight up uncomfortable aren’t going to cut it.
  • It needs to work. Sounds simple, but that doesn’t keep gimmicky products that make big promises but have little to no effect off of store shelves.
  • It should be something people want to use. If it doesn’t fit well or look right, it’ll just end up collecting dust.

If you're serious about improving your shot, you need a better, more accessible solution.

Turns out this didn’t exist. So, we decided to create it ourselves.

Custom construction using modern engineering technology and biomechanical principles makes Perfec’Shot the most effective shooting aid on the market.

  • 3D-printed components and fiberglass rods based on your specific measurements control guide-hand placement and movement.
  • All components are secured using cut-to-fit velcro straps for a comfortable feel.
  • Add your choices of color and alphanumeric characters to make it truly yours.
  • Custom-built for players of all ages starting as young as 6.
  • Effective in any shooting drill, including those involving cutting and catching.

If you want more playing time, if you want the ball when the game’s on the line….